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Mattia Lullini
Born 1985 in Bologna
Lives and works in Gothenburg


2016 "OK OK OK OK OK" Galleri Magnus Winström. Gothenburg, Sweden
2015 "Enlightenment By Subtraction" Art Stock 20. Taichung City, Taiwan
2015 "Close Your Eyes And Let It Begin With"  Freedom Men Art Galley. Taichung City, Taiwan
2014 "The Weird Rainbow" Galleria Portanova 12. Bologna, Italy

2011 "Animals", Elastico Gallery. Bologna, Italy


2017 "Invigning" Nejd. Gothenburg, Sweden
2017 "Konvergenser #3" Nevven Gallery. Gothenburg, Sweden
2017 "Lilla Göteborg" Raum Vollreinigung. Berlin, Germany
2016 "Summer Show" Galleri Magnus Winström. Gothenburg, Sweden
2016 "Konvergenser #2" Nevven Gallery. Gothenburg, Sweden
2016 "Toujours Béton" Galerie Slika. Lyon, France
2016 "Unexpected Territory" Nevven Gallery. Gothenburg, Sweden
2015 "Julutställning"  Galleri Magnus Windström. Gothenburg, Sweden
2015 "Here Within Us" Showroom Gallery. Taichung City, Taiwan
2015 "Konvergenser #1" Nevven Gallery. Gothenburg, Sweden
2014 "Wonder Vision" Limited Works. Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 "Balance" Urban Outfitters Gallery. Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 "This Is Not Street Art" Social. New Delhi, India

2012 "Kalaa Kaari" Square 23 Gallery. Turin, Italy


(Upcoming) "Ellipser" (indoor mosaic) Kviberg Primary School (commssioned by Gothenburg's local government). Gothenburg, Sweden
2017 Untitled (indoor installation) Folk. Gothenburg, Sweden
2017 Untitled (indoor murals) Boulebar Tryckeriet. Stockholm, Sweden
2017 Haunted (outdoor installation) Over(W)all. Brescia, Italy
2016 "Mouvement" (mural) Residence Aux Tableaux. Marseille, France
2016 "Mind Compass" (mural) Fuoriluogo Project. Pordenone, Italy

2015 "Surf" (mural) Busan Biennale's Sea Art Festival 2015. Busan, South Korea
2015 "The Infinite Gate" (mural) TEDA Art Festival. Tianjin, China
2015 "Itchy Leech Peachy Dream" (mural) Green Ripples Festival. Taichuing City, Taiwan
2015 Untitled (various indoor murals and sculptures) Tradeshift Offices. Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 "Monocrome Structure III" (outdoor sculpture) Hall Of Fame Festival. Gothenburg, Sweden
2015 Untitled (mural) Le M.U.R. Marseille. Marseille, France
2015 "Three Steps Infinite" (indoor installation) Aux Tableaux!. Marseille, France
2014 "The Wisewalker" (mural) Pigmenti. Bergamo, Italy
2014 Untitled (outdoor sculpture) Cooperativa Patronato San Vincenzo. Bergamo, Italy
2014 Untitled (indoor mural) Collectif 9ème Concept's 25éme Etage. Paris, France
2014 Untitled (mural) Vedo A Colori. Civitanova Marche, Italy
2014 "Jugar" (mural) St.Art Delhi Festival. Shapurjat, New Delhi, India
2013 Untitled (various indoor murals with Nicolai Bruun) Roskilde University. Roskilde, Denmark
2013 Untitled (mural with Nicolai Bruun) Trailerpark Festival. Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 Untitled (mural) Metroselskabet Byens Hegn. Vibenshus Runddel, Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 Untitled (indoor installation) Audi Ritz Icon Awards. Chennai, India
2012 Untitled (mural with Anna Givani) Comune di Celante. Celante, Italy
2012 Untitled (indoor mural) Sub Urb Art 2° Festival. Turin, Italy
2012 Untitled (mural with Raw Tella and Laura Fusco) Biennale Democrazia. Turin, Italy
2012 Untitled (various murals) Extension Khirkee Festival. New Delhi, India
2011 Untitled (indoor mural) Cantiere 25. Turin, Italy
2011 Untitled (various murals) Sub Urb Art Festival. Turin, Italy
2011 Untitled (painted kite) Commemoration for the victims of the Fascist massacre of Monte Sole, Italy


City of Gothenburg (Göteborg Konst). Sweden
County Council of Västra Götland (Kulturregionen Västra Götland). Sweden


2014 "A Collective One" (outdoor mural workshop) Pigmenti. Bergamo, Italy
2013 Untitled (workshop and lecture) Il Futuro Nelle Tue Mani Festival. Bra, Italy


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